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halfdutch [userpic]
Call for Nominations: August
by halfdutch (halfdutch)
at July 16th, 2007 (08:17 pm)

Nominations are now open for the August Fic Awards.

New for August: BEST RPF (Real Person) FIC, the Special Category this month is VACATION & ROAD TRIP FICS and BEST CROSSOVER is back. To keep nominations to a manageable size, a few categories have been rotated out for this month: Look for Best OT3 Fic, Best AU and Best Drabble to return later on. Questions? Suggestions? Please leave a comment.


BEST GEN FIC - Generally, a fic that is canonical or genre-based, where romance is not the main focus of the story. G, PG, or R.

BEST HET FIC - A fic that features a het pairing. G, PG, or R (or equivalent rating).

BEST NC-17 HET FIC - A het fic that is rated NC-17.

BEST SLASH FIC - A fic that features a slash pairing. G, PG, or R.

BEST NC-17 SLASH FIC - A slash fic that is rated NC-17.

BEST FIC FEATURING AN UNUSUAL PAIRING -- A romantic fic that features characters who are not usually romantically linked in fic. Any rating.

BEST FUTURE FIC - Any fic set in the future, on or off the island. Any rating.

BEST SERIES - A fic with multiple installments, or sequels. Any rating.

BEST HUMOROUS FIC - A fic that is funny! Any rating.

OUTSTANDING FIRST FIC - Must be the author's first foray into Lost fandom. Any rating.

AUTHOR OF THE MONTH - No nominations accepted for this category. Results will be drawn statistically from the voting in all other categories.


SPECIAL CATEGORY (MOD'S CHOICE) -- For August, the special category is VACATION & ROAD TRIP FICS. This category is any rating.

BEST RPF (real person) FIC -- A fic featuring one or more Lost actors. Any rating.

BEST CROSSOVER -- A fic that features characters or settings from one or more fandoms besides Lost. Any rating.

General Nominating and Voting Guidelines:
1. You may nominate fics in all or just one category, but just one nomination per category per month.
2. Do not vote for yourself.
3. All fics must relate to LOST. They may contain OCs or be AU, but must either have characters from LOST or be based on the concept of LOST.
4. Include fic title, author, and link to story when nominating and specify which category you are nominating in.
5. Fics and authors do not have to be on LJ.
6. Fics can be new or old - as long as they have not previously won in any category. HERE is the list of previous winners. Fics that have been previously nominated but not won may be nominated again.
7. You do not have to join the comm to nominate or vote.
8. You may vote in all or just one category.
9. All voting and nominations are done via screened comments to preserve anonymity.
10. Fics nominated in multiple categories will be considered in the category where the largest instance of nominations exist. In the instance of a tie, the moderators will read the fic and choose a category accordingly.
11. Please do not nominate fics that are f-locked. If you would like to nominate a locked fic, please ask the author first if they wouldn't mind unlocking it.
12. Winner's banners will only be made for people who request them.