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July Winners!

Thanks to everyone for participating, and thanks especially for taking the time to read with the flood of fic we've had this month! The winners are as follows:

Best Gen Fic: The God We Know by cynthia_arrow

Best Het Fic: TIE! Man Of Clay by eponine119 & One Hour by isis2015

Best Slash Fic: Sleight Of Hand by alliecat8

Best NC-17 Het Fic: Untitled Shannon/Boone fic by zelda_zee

Best NC-17 Slash Fic: Let Go by foxxcub

Best OT3 Fic: Claustrophobia by eponine119

Best Fic Featuring an Unusual Pairing: Purity by lunadatura

Best Series: Even Score, Breaking The Rules, Subject To Change by elise_509

Best Future Fic: The Sea by halfdutch

Best AU Fic: Shooting Star by halfdutch

Best Humorous Fic: Writing Room by jenthegypsy

Best Kiss: First Means First by fosfomifira

Best Sex Scene: The Gift by zelda_zee

Author of the Month: Like last month, we'd like to give a special mention to the author who garnered the most single votes across the board regardless of the final awards results. This month, the honour goes to halfdutch! Please take the opportunity to browse her fic archives.

Congratulations to all of you! Banners will be up as soon as possible.
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